How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of bulldozer accessories

High-quality accessories are the basis for ensuring the normal operation of construction machinery and equipment. However, due to the needs and benefits of maintenance machinery, various types of imported construction machinery accessories of uneven quality have appeared on the market. First of all, we must learn to observe the casing of the bulldozer accessories, and carefully check the appearance to see if it has been dismantled or hit, and there is no damage or crack, as long as this occurs, no matter how much it is quoted Don’t buy cheap. If there are some slight scratches, you can consider cutting the price. This is because in the process of transportation or transportation, some small friction and small scratches are unavoidable. And the purchase of bulldozer accessories depends on its thickness, size, weight, compared with the same type of bulldozer accessories, which one to choose? , Based on your own real needs. How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of bulldozer accessories

Secondly, it is very important to carefully investigate and view the internal structure. We all know that the internal structure is the most expensive and main part of the bulldozer accessories, accounting for 20% to 35% of the cost of the entire machine, so special attention should be paid when purchasing: 1. There are no signs of damage to the appearance, because the machine with marks will not be guaranteed f

or long-term use. It is not worth it to accidentally move back to a used machine. 2. Carefully investigate the scale and operation of bulldozer parts, and consider the operation function and scale of bulldozer parts in connection with the quotation. Of course, it can also be used to suppress prices. 3. Identify the color of bulldozer accessories. In addition to investigating the appearance of the investigation color, a comprehensive investigation should be carried out, and the investigation should be carried out diagonally up, down, left, and right. Otherwise, if the color can only be identified by investigating in front of it, then it is pseudo-color. You can hold a high-priced and excellent bulldozer accessory at the merchant, and place it around the bulldozer accessory you want to purchase, and compare their brightness, contrast, response speed, visibility and other parameters under the same interface.

In summary, in the identification of bulldozer accessories, the methods can be varied, and different identification methods can be adopted according to different types of accessories, and comprehensively used to identify the authenticity of bulldozer accessories

how to clarify the high quality excavator

First look at an old device, through bai different light, angle du, look at the color of some paint, and the wear and tear of the walking part of the device. The appearance of this piece is not equipped with a gun barrel. The piece of pipeline is original, or After adding it to yourself, as well as the wear of the counterweight, including the side door, the counterweight, and whether it has been painted, let’s judge it by different light angles. The appearance problem can be said to be a trivial matter or a major matter. If someone else asks for equipment construction, it will definitely depend on how old your equipment is. At the same price, people will never abandon the new and the old.

  1. Look at the nameplate
    When buying a second mobile phone, most people will habitually look at the nameplate. The nameplate of the equipment is just like the ID card of our citizens, and its nature is the same, with the model and factory code of the relevant equipment. JAPAN in the picture represents the production location of the equipment, and its production date can be found in the equipment code.
  2. Look at the stamp
    It can be seen on some important structural parts. This is the vehicle identification code (frame number). It can be seen at the root of the boom of the excavator, on the frame, on the fuel tank, etc., generally it is stamped. According to this, you can check the ex-factory date of the device through the device distributor or manufacturer. Stamping is a problem that is ignored by many people, and it is as important as the nameplate of the device. The stamp is not easy to be changed unless it is destroyed by the polisher.
  3. Hour table: You can compare the year of the equipment with the hours of the display. The average hours of use of an excavator per year is about 2000 hours.
    In addition, regional differences also have a great impact on the hours of use of the excavator. Since the frozen soil is not started in winter, the number of machines in the same period is less in the northeast than in the south. If you encounter a machine coming down from a mine, you have to be careful. From the information of the car collection, the machine is very young, and the mechanical parts look very eye-catching, but the mining machine is generally a machine that operates 24 hours a day, so such a machine It was sold as coolie.
  1. Look at the fuselage
    (1) Look at the counterweight: The counterweight is commonly known as “butt” by the machine operators. The quality of the counterweight reflects whether a driver cherishes the equipment and the construction environment of the equipment. If the normal construction equipment exceeds 3 years, the paint underneath will be worn away, which is normal. If the weight of the machine is completely scratched, or the outer iron skin is broken, this kind of equipment has basically been spent on the mine, or has been engaged in demolition for a long time, or has been broken equipment, normal digging, This is not the case for simple earthwork
    (2) Both sides of the fuselage: pay attention to whether you have done sheet metal, if you have done it, there is a strong collision there.
    (3) Cab: Pay attention to whether there are any collision marks between the cab and the door. If there was a rollover or a device that was hit by stones during construction, it would not be so correct.
    (4) Engine cover: Look at the construction environment of the equipment in summer, then pay attention to the red box in the picture above. If the water level of the equipment is always high, and the engine cover is opened for a long time, the water temperature must be high! If the engine often has problems, the cover will be opened frequently and for a long time, and it is more likely to be damaged.
  2. Excavator interior, display: There are times when the seller will say that the display is broken. In this case, it is best not to believe it. There are many computer boards. When you buy it back and want to repair the computer board and find that there is no one, it becomes a big deal! It takes tens of thousands to buy a second-hand computer board, not necessarily the original one.
  3. The engine is the heart of the excavator. To see if the engine has been disassembled, carefully check the engine screws and the installation location of the surrounding parts is the same as the original. Also check whether the nameplate information of the engine and radiator has been changed, whether the valve cover has been removed, whether the diesel pump has leaked oil and oil, the wiring harness is neat, the belt and fan are damaged, the water tank cover is rusted, and the sliver on the hood is damaged ;
    The picture shows an Isuzu engine with a nameplate replaced, and the newly attached nameplate still has traces of the original nameplate being torn. The engine nameplate is generally marked with the engine production date. If the nameplate information in the picture above is true, it can be inferred that the equipment factory date should be the end of 2011 or the beginning of 2012.
    When the engine is running, it needs to look at its lower exhaust. If it is large, the engine needs to be disassembled for repair. Check whether the engine oil burns or not, and see the gas taste and color of the exhaust port above the engine.
  4. Look at the water tank
    If a layer of yellow material is found around the mouth of the water tank, it means that this excavator often has high water temperature problems!
  5. Radiator
    Whether it is the hydraulic system or the radiator of the water tank, if it is the original factory, if it is newly replaced, it should be noted that some are not only high in water temperature, but also the hydraulic temperature is quite high.
  1. Hydraulic line:
    Hydraulic pipes, distribution valves, rotating parts, no matter what age machine, depends on how many pipes are original. If it is a changed tube, look carefully at where it is connected, so that you can determine what failure it will have. This is ignored by many friends. Whether the maintenance of a device is good or not can be seen directly from here.
    (1) Check the hydraulic pump: determine whether it is the original car pump or the replaced pump, whether it has been repaired, and observe from the paint, oil pipe joint, flow regulator, etc.
    (2) Check the hydraulic condition: two people cooperate, one person to test the car, the other one to feel the vibration of each tubing by hand. (Low throttle, medium throttle and high throttle are performed in sequence)
    (3) Check the distributor, rotary motor, rotary reducer, etc.; observe whether the oil pipes and screws are the original ones; observe the oil scale, and feel the viscosity by hand.
  2. Large pump
    “Don’t think that you have to buy a new total achievement value, the original thing is the best. If the whole pump of the equipment is destroyed, then its location is not just here, the distribution valve is the same It does matter. If it is destroyed suddenly, the iron scraps inside will flow in the hydraulic oil. If it is not handled properly, the entire hydraulic system will be scrapped!”
  1. Walking device
    The walking part can also see the construction environment of the equipment. Look carefully at the motor corners in the blue circle, the standard earthmoving equipment is worn. If it is in a mine or in an environment where crushing or construction waste is being built, the corners will be rounded.
  2. Track shoe
    Its angle determines the degree of wear. The wear of the earthwork equipment is at right angles, and the equipment of the stonework construction environment is basically smoothed out. Some equipment has few hours, but the wear of the track shoes is very high. It may be that there are many stonework constructions and the equipment takes a long time to walk. Long-term walking wear motor is prone to problems!